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Personal Chef Services are one of the newest ways that families and busy professionals are ensuring their lives stay happy and healthy. Hungry Bee comes to your home on a scheduled "drop date" each week with multiple meals for your family. Each meal is labeled and properly stored with heating instructions. Rather then dragging everyone out to a restaurant, eating unhealthy fast food, or throwing tasteless frozen food in the microwave, Hungry Bee prepares the foods you want to enjoy in your own home. Prepared by a certified personal chef, your meals are healthy, wholesome, and delicious.

A personal chef service is surprisingly affordable. Dinner for a family of 4 for 5 days a week (20 entrees and appropriate side dishes) can cost under $25.00 per meal, less than you would spend at a restaurant and no hassle.

Personalized Menus mean you eat exactly what you want. No more Take-Out menu compromises. With hundreds of recipes and menus, you can be adventurous with new meals each week or repeat your favorites!

Hungry Bee does the Shopping! On your "drop date", Hungry Bee begins working for you many hours before arriving at your home. From hand-picking the finest produce, to purchasing high quality meats, poultry, and fresh fish, we gather all of the ingredients needed for your meals. Not only do you reduce the time you spend at the grocery store or market, but you are assured your family is provided with carefully selected fresh food.

Hungry Bee Catering in partnership with Camp Sunshine is pleased to introduce our new program:

Busy Bee Meals

Pre-order freshly made meals from our chefs to you. We will provide a weekly Take-n-Bake meal, fully cooked and packaged and ready to reheat. Just pop in the oven anytime your hive is hungry.

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